Adding extensions to your property is always a great idea, because you end up with more space and increase the value of your home. However, with so many aspects to the extension or renovation process, it’s crucial that every step is undertaken without any hiccups.

Here we’ve put together a useful guide on some cardinal rules to follow when making large changes to your house.

  1. Plan Ahead

Start planning on the project immediately, since it’s likely that you will find yourself encountering hold-ups at various stages of your extension. If your planning is in place before you start, it will be easier to keep within your desired timeframe. Consider how long it will take to get the permits and be sure to hire an experienced, trusted renovations company, who will provide you with a realistic idea of the project’s duration.

  1. Handle the Project

Know exactly what you want done before your project begins, and be sure that you have a firm grasp on what that choice entails. This means that when you are talking to your extension company, you are giving clear instructions and getting the right information back on what work needs to be done to avoid expensive last-minute changes.

  1. Go Professional

Doing the re-modelling yourself seems like a great way to save money, until you are suddenly standing ankle deep in water, because you hit the wrong pipe. Certain steps of a renovation should only be done by professionals, so do your research, ask questions and find the right company for the job.

  1. Ask And Ask Some More

Be realistic about the fact that unforeseen issues might happen throughout the renovation process. Speak with your extension specialist to find out about added costs they will cover and where you may need to pay more.

These rules are here to give you the foundation for your renovation, preparing you for additional costs and various situations along the way. Always have open communication between you and your home renovation builder, and ask about everything!

If you want more information about the best way to manage your renovation, contact us today.