home extension renovation

The unexpected rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way of living for all members of society. In such unprecedented times, many people have been forced into multigenerational living, which simply means multiple generations living together in the same house. With aged care living arrangements now being vulnerable to COVID outbreaks, the elderly have opted to live in a home with their families instead. Such a living arrangement requires a lot of changes to ensure everyone in the house is comfortable. Here are some things to consider when adjusting to multigenerational living:

More Space

With more people now living under a roof, it would be ideal to have more space. Whether this means investing in a home extension or just maybe taking down walls inside your house to open up more multifunctional areas. 

The benefit of investing in a home extension would be that you would not have to change anything inside your home, you would just be adding another section to your home on your land. Not only will this provide you with extra rooms but also increases the monetary value of your home. This is also a cost-effective option as the average cost of a home extension lands between 170k – 270k, which is much cheaper than buying a new house. More on how a home extension increases the value of your home can be found here.

The alternative of renovating/taking walls down is another way you can create a more open environment inside your home. Although some people may prefer a closed off living plan to ensure everyone has their privacy, to create a more spacious multifunctional area, knocking down walls would be an appropriate action to take. This option would cost a lot less than a home extension but at the same time, it would not be adding any value or actual space to your home. However, this option comes with the benefit of increased natural lighting and the feeling of togetherness within a home. Coincidentally, now is the time to act on these plans, all due to the government offering homeowners a $25,000 HomeBuilder grant. 

Granny Flats

Another way of accommodating for any new members in your home is to invest in a granny flat. A granny flat is pretty much a living area for one to two persons which can be attached or detached from the main dwelling. Usually located on the grounds of a single-family home. A granny flat is somewhat like a home extension when attached to the main dwelling, except on average the cost of a granny flat is lower. In Melbourne, granny flats range between $81k – $120k depending on its size/structure. It is possible to have one built for as less as $10,000, however, this is not a wise choice as a $10,000 will not improve the appearance of your home in any way and will not be of the highest quality either. Some of the benefits that come with granny flats are:

  • Privacy: While providing additional accommodation to your family members, granny flats also ensure that everyone living on the property has their own space and privacy.
  • Additional rental income: Granny flats can also be rented out to earn additional income. These days they can provide a return of up to $350 a week making it one of the better investment options within the market today.
  • Ground floor: Since these flats are going to be built on the ground floor, it is a much better alternative for elderly family members if the main house has multiple storeys. This is so that the older members of the house do not have to climb up and down stairs to get around the house. 

Other Recommendations

If multigenerational living is something that is now going to be a long-term way of living for your family even post-COVID, other components of your home that are worth looking into, are things like the reduction in height of kitchen counters, wider bathrooms and the installation of smart technology/voice control devices. 

Such changes only need to be made if they are needed, however, you must understand that the elderly members of your family will take time to do certain tasks and may require a lot of assistance which would normally be provided to them in aged-care homes. Changes like these will not only make their lives easier but also your own.  

For further more information on accommodating for multigenerational living, get in touch with the team at Duncan Thompson Extensions. Our passion for quality workmanship and years of experience will help you transform your dream home into a reality.