Doing renovations is a great way to make your home more livable, improve its aesthetic appeal and even increase your home’s overall value! But, depending on what type of renovation you’re planning, you may require a permit! Permits may sound like a headache to get your hands on, but they are much better than having to pay a fine in the long run, and are ultimately in place for your home’s structural safety!

Building Permits: What are they?

Building permits are documents that allow you to proceed with your renovation plans legally, and can only be obtained after you’ve acquired a planning permit. They are issued by special building surveyors (either council or private) after they have thoroughly inspected your building plans. To obtain a building permit, all your plans need to meet the standards set out by the Building Council of Australia.

When You Need a Building Permit

Building permits are required if you are doing renovations that alter the structure or shape of your home. So if you are just getting new kitchen cupboards, tiling the bathroom or carpeting your house- you needn’t worry. Situations in which you will need to have a building permit in place include:

  • Breaking down internal or load-bearing walls
  • Most major demolition projects (knocking down part of the building or carports, sheds, and the like.)
  • Adding new, external doors or windows
  • The building of garages/sheds that are taller than 2.4m, over 10m2 in area, are 1m from or closer to your property’s boundary or are attached to an existing structure
  • Erecting fences that are 2m or higher, anything less than 3m from the street or are an obstacle to a pool.
  • Building decks that are 800mm or more above ground level
  • The building of all verandas
  • Building pergolas that 3.6m and higher, or have an area of 20 m2 or more
  • Building retaining walls that are 1m or taller are connected to other structures or support the ground of your neighbour’s property

Once you have your permit, you’ll have to display it on site and also send it through to your local council. Permits can take time to process so make sure you budget for this time when planning your renovation.

A home extension builder like Duncan Thompson Extensions can assess your property and determine what planning approvals and permits are required. Contact us to start planning your home extension today!