When renovating or extending, the painting stage is a very exciting milestone; it’s one of the finishing details which really brings your home to life and signals that it’s not long until you can move in and enjoy the space. Whether you want to play it safe with a neutral palette or be bold with feature walls and splashes of colour, there is an infinite number of colours, shades, and tones available, so choosing the perfect hues can be a little overwhelming. For a high-quality house extension, Balwyn homeowners trust Duncan Thompson Extensions for a professional, collaborative approach from concept to completion. Read on for our guide to choosing the right paint colours for you home renovation.

Choose Colours You Love

The pantone colour for 2022 is Very Peri, noted as being ‘a warm and friendly blue hue with a carefree confidence and joyful attitude’. However, just because this is the on-trend colour of the year, there’s no point basing the colour scheme for you home around it if you don’t like it! Think about colours you wear, colours that make you feel good and colours you gravitate towards when shopping for décor and furnishings. You can then use these tones as a base from which you can create your home’s colour scheme.

Find Inspiration

Magazines, catalogues, and online platforms such as Pinterest are one of the best sources of design and decorating inspiration. Create mood boards of all your ideas and slowly you will see a colour trend forming. The best part about online platforms is that you can easily share your ideas with your builder or decorator so they can see the vision you have for the palette of your new home.

Use Colour Theory

You don’t have to be an expert to get ideas from a colour wheel. These inexpensive tools are readily available and can help guide you in choosing a cohesive colour scheme. Simply turn the wheel and see how certain colours can complement each other while others clash when put together. You likely won’t paint your home in the exact colours on the wheel, however, you may be able to choose particular shades.

Research the History of Your Home

If you are renovating a period home, it’s a good idea to look into the archives and find the colours that were originally used in homes of the era. This is a great way to find colours that will enhance the natural beauty and original features of your home. If you are restoring or extending a heritage house, then there will be strict colour guidelines that you will need to adhere to. Whilst the rules are generally intended for the external paint colours, depending on your zone there may be rules you need to follow when painting inside too.

Ask a Professional

A professional interior decorator or colour consultant can point you in the right direction. Trained and experienced in interior paint colours and the challenges of dealing with lighting and shading, consultants and decorators can make expert recommendations that will suit you home as well your individual taste. They will work with you to understand your ideas and then curate a custom-designed palette for your home based what will work best for your home and your vision.

Utilise Technology

Most major paint manufacturers and retailers have Apps which you can download onto a smart phone or tablet. These Apps have many features; they may show you how your room will look when painted in a particular colour. They may also have the ability to colour match any object that you upload, some even suggest a complete palette based around one single colour and many allow you to share your palette with friends on social media.

Stick with Neutrals

For a timeless palette that won’t date, neutral colours are a fail-safe option. Don’t mistake neutral with boring though! From warm creamy tones to cool, calm greys you can play with neutrals and be creative with how you use them. Using half strength shades or using different shades of the one neutral tone can add texture and visual interest in a relaxed and subtle way.

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