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Providing a practical source of light and ventilation, windows also play a vital role in the energy efficiency and overall aesthetics of your home. If you are planning a new extension or a home renovation, Brighton, Camberwell, Ivanhoe locals can rely on the team at Duncan Thompson Extensions for innovative designs, high quality craftsmanship and exceptional value for money. From heritage home extensions to luxurious double storey additions, we work hard to find the best solutions that will bring your vision to life. Choosing windows can be notoriously difficult, so here we will look some of the most common window styles available and a few helpful tips to help you make an informed decision.

Window Styles

Windows come in a range of styles, materials, and configurations to suit any style of home. The most common types you will find are:

Awning Windows – Opening only to a limited, fixed degree, these windows feature a hinge near the top of the frame and swing out at the bottom to open. They are operated by a winder mechanism.

Sliding Windows – Featuring one or more fixed glass panels and one or more moving sashes (the glass and framework that holds the glass in place), these windows are opened and closed by sliding the moving sash left or right. A simple and functional design, sliding windows can be made in large sizes, making them ideal for improving ventilation, and maximising natural light, and external views.

Casement Windows – Sometimes referred to as ‘side hung windows’, these windows are hinged either on the left or right side and swing outwards like hinged doors.

Double Hung Windows – Often referred to as ‘sash windows’, these feature two panels, both of which can slide up and down in the frame. Timber double hung windows are a common feature amongst period homes.

Bi Fold Windows – Great for use as a servery window, bi fold windows are both functional and stylish. They consist of a number of hinged framed window panels that fold into each other, seamlessly opening up any space.

Fixed Windows – These windows do not open; they’re used to let in light and provide views of the outside. Fixed windows can be made in a vast array of shapes, including square, rectangle, arch, circle, triangle, and are commonly used as features in contemporary new builds.

Are You Renovating a Period House?

Is your house a heritage home or a character-filled Victorian, Edwardian, or Californian Bungalow? If your home is under heritage overlay, there will be rules and regulations that you must follow regarding the windows you choose for your renovation. When replacing windows in period homes, aesthetics are very important. Most modern windows are not made to suit period homes. Choose a window that will complement and enhance the style of your home, with detailing that is designed to blend in with its surrounding features. Traditional sash windows (or double hung for a contemporary version) will likely be the best solution.

Are You Planning a Modern Extension?

When extending a period home, the new addition does not necessarily have to mimic the original of the home. In fact, mixing old and new can lead to a stunning result which successfully blends old-world charm with modern functionality. In this case, you can choose from a variety of contemporary window designs for your extension. Largescale sliding windows allow for excellent ventilation and maximise the natural light that can flow through your home.

Which Glass Is Best?

Windows with the wrong type of glass can significantly impact the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Heat loss and gain through windows is a major contributor to your energy costs so for long term savings its important to choose a glass type which offers the best thermal properties to suit your location. From single, double, and triple glazing to low E glass, toughened glass, laminated glass and window tints, there is a seemingly endless array of options when it comes to glass. When renovating or extending, it’s best to consult your builder or home designer to discuss your options as there is no one-type suits all applications.

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