Have you ever considered how the design of a home can function as a launch pad to radically improve your and your family’s lifestyle? The perfect floor plan defines how a home works and feels and ensures comfortable living. Let’s take a look at what’s important in the design of a floor plan to ensure that your home is as functional as it is stylish.

4 factors to consider when designing the floor plan for your home

  1. Access to natural light

It has long been known that moderate exposure to natural light is essential for optimum physical and mental wellbeing. Improving access to natural light in your living spaces by utilising an open-plan floor design makes your rooms feel bright and spacious. If designed correctly, it can also save you money on your energy bills by reducing the need for artificial light, heating and cooling.

  1. Creating liveable spaces

Space and flow can influence the atmosphere of a home. This includes the size of rooms, how they connect to each other and where they will sit inside your home. Consider where bedrooms are placed in relation to bathrooms, whether your living and dining areas will be open to your kitchen and the size of furniture used in your rooms.

  1. Your lifestyle

You spend so much time at home that it should really reflect the lifestyle you and your family have. Frequent entertainers will want to have open plan living that spill out onto the backyard. Teenagers will need quiet study areas, while children will need play areas. If you work from home, a fully functional home office should be considered.

  1. Accommodating a growing family

Creating spaces that can grow and change with your family is important to consider when designing your floor plan. A playroom can become a study area, a spare room could become another child’s room and the number of bathrooms might need to be reconsidered to ensure a harmonious morning routine. Doing this can save you having to renovate again in the future.

Designing a functional and comfortable home depends on the design of your floor plan layout. Would you like to improve the quality of your lifestyle with a home renovation or extension? Speak to an expert home extension builder at Duncan Thompson Extensions today.