Whether you are building a whole new house or extending your current home, construction is carried out in phases involving various contractors working on different components of the build. The end result will should see your dream vision come to life so you want to ensure the extension has been built well and is finished to an acceptable standard. Duncan Thompson Extensions is the leading home renovation builder trusted by Melbourne families to perform high quality home extensions and renovations. The last thing you want to do is live with a home that is less than ideal, or spend an abundance of time and money fighting to correct any building issues. For this reason, inspections throughout construction are the solution. Read on to find out more about the different stages of building inspections.

What is the Purpose of Inspections?

Construction stage inspections allow the home owner the opportunity to engage an experienced third party to assess and inspect the works and ultimately ensure that proper building practices are adhered to throughout each phase of construction. These inspections evaluate important aspects of the build in several key areas to check that the work has been carried out in accordance with the Building Act 1993 (Act), the Building Regulations 2018 (Regulations) and building permit.

The Key Inspection Stages

For construction of a new building or alterations to an existing dwelling, the typical stages of inspection are:


This inspection checks the footings in preparation for the pouring of concrete. Footings rest directly on the foundation material and once poured are almost impossible to access so it is imperative that footing preparations are fully compliant with engineering plans and specifications.

Once a slab is poured

The concrete slab is evaluated to ensure that it has been poured to the correct dimensions as per the plans, has no cracks and is of the correct quality. Drainage locations will also be checked to ensure they are in accordance with plans and installed correctly.

On completion of framework

This inspection is vital for ensuring that the building frame structure is sound and meets design requirements and will focus on structural material compliance, stress grades, wind braces, lintel and lintel supports, point loads and ceiling height to name a few aspects.

At lock-up

More suited to home homes rather than extensions or renovations, a lock-up inspection is generally carried out upon the completion of fascia boards, roof (including guttering, overing and flashings), external wall cladding including brickwork, external windows and doors, plumbing and electrical rough-in. The inspector will assess the quality of the workmanship both outside and inside prior to the insulation and wall and ceiling linings being installed.

On completion of all building work before the home is handed over

The the last stage of the inspection process, this involves a detailed evaluation of the completed building works including all external works such as roof and guttering, walls, windows and doors as well as internal aspects such as plastering, painting, floor coverings, fixtures and fittings – all are assessed for quality of installation and finish.

When Should I Get an Inspection?

You can arrange an inspection at any stage throughout construction, some homeowners prefer to have inspections completed at all stages of the build, while others only arrange an inspection if they a have concerns about workmanship quality or just prior to making the final payment.

Why Should I Get an Inspection?

Once the building works have been completed and the home has been handed over, the repair of any previously undetected defects becomes can be an unpleasant, time consuming and expensive experience. Extending your home is a considerable investment, to give you peace of mind and ensure that the result meets Australian building regulations, it is a wise move to arrange building inspections throughout the building process.

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