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There is something incredibly rewarding about transforming a tired old heritage house into a beautiful and functional family home. Whether it’s a simple renovation or largescale home extension, Melbourne homeowners rely on Duncan Thompson Extensions for high quality craftsmanship, personalised customer service and impeccable attention to detail. Heritage building renovations are our specialty, our team has the knowledge and expertise to bring your charming old home back to life whilst preserving its character and keeping in line with all rules and regulations. We are often asked about re-painting heritage houses, so here’s a helpful guide to help you understand some of the rules and guidelines that you need to follow. Read on to find out more.

The Rules Regarding Heritage Paint Colours

As with any works undertaken on heritage buildings, the aim should always be to preserve and enhance the existing décor. The colour scheme of a heritage building forms an important part of its aesthetic and historical value. Using appropriate colours relevant to the era of the building can place it in its true historical context, ensuring it is presented in the manner it was originally intended. Using an inappropriate colour scheme may have an impact on the historical significance of building itself and that of the surrounding precinct.

Which Paint Should I Use?

Paint has come a long way in the last century and with the advancement of water-based acrylic paints, the use of modern paints is now considered appropriate. While acrylic paints provide greater protection to building fabric for longer than oil-based paints, in some cases such as for doors and windows, it is preferable to use oil-based enamel. A rule of thumb is to use gloss paint on exterior timber and metal substrates, and flat paint on rendered or stucco surfaces.

What Colours Should I Choose?

Firstly, you should do your research into the era in which the house was built. There are vast differences between the colour schemes of different periods homes so it’s vital to have a sound understanding of the period of your home. Many paint manufacturers can recommend a palette based on your style of home and sticking within this scheme ensures you enhance and accentuate the home’s character, so that is doesn’t appear disjointed or out of place. Keep in mind that for homes under a heritage overlay, you will typically require council approval for the works and colours chosen.

Heritage Painting Tips

  • You should never paint over unpainted brickwork and stonework, even with clear coatings.
  • Unpainted interior elements should not be painted, and varnished items should remain so.
  • Don’t completely remove all paint unless it is essential for proper adhesion of the new paint. Earlier paint layers contain evidence of previous colour schemes which can help you to understand the building’s past, and can be used in the future to reconstruct these finishes.
  • Ask your painter to leave some paint for touch ups once the works have been completed.

Whether repainting or renovating, it’s important to take the time to work with colour specialists who have the knowledge and expertise to help you select the right colours. This will ensure that you enhance and preserve the character of the property whilst bringing it in to the present era in a harmonious way. For more information, we can refer you to specialist painter, experienced in heritage houses.

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When working with a heritage home, it’s essential that you engage contractors that are experienced with their complex nature and delicate intricacies. Heritage homes provide the rare opportunity to infuse a stunning old space with the functional and contemporary features needed for modern family living. At Duncan Thompson Extensions, we are team of highly skilled professionals who have a reputation of achieving the highest standard of quality. If you are looking to undertake heritage house extensions, Hawthorn locals should get in touch with us today by calling (03) 9836 8655 or enquire online now.